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F.A.Q. Section
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Who are Neilson Immigration Consultants?
Neilson Business and Immigration Consultants are Business Consultants and Immigration Advisers based in Palmerston North, New Zealand. Neilson Business and Immigration was formed in 2004. Neilson Business and Immigration are one of the leading New Zealand Business and Immigration companies in New Zealand and are at the forefront of always introducing new technologies such as Telephonic Consultations and Video Consultations. Neilson Business and Immigration Consultants offer a full range of services, both online or from their office and have clients from all corners of the globe.

Why choose an immigration advisor?
The process of migrating to New Zealand can be very complicated and time consuming. By using an experienced immigration consultant, you will have the best chance of a successful application. Remember that migrating to New Zealand is a big step that often involves alot time, documentation and paperwork so an immigration consultant can smooth out the whole process. We also recommend to keep away from any agents or consultants promising jobs as the only person who can offer you a job is an Employer and not an immigration consultant. No Immigration advisers in New Zealand can promise you a job, and it is illegal to promise you one so do not pay any outrageous fees to these people, no matter how reputable they look. Neilson Business and Immigration Consultants do not have agents or representatives or any affiliation with any company so you can be sure that when you use our services you are dealing with us only.

What is an IAA Licensed Immigration Advisor?
On May 4 2009, all people giving Immigration Advise to New Zealand and who are based in New Zealand, must be licensed with the Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA). It is illegal for anybody else to give immigration advice and this includes educational institutions, HR departments, employment agencies etc. People licensed with the IAA adhere to a strict code of conduct and one of the main reasons this new act was introduced was to help safeguard new and intending migrants who have been exploited in the past by rogue Immigration Advisers. Also on May 4 2010, all people who are based off-shore must also be registered with the IAA. Anybody who uses an adviser and who is not registered with the IAA will not have their application accepted by Immigration New Zealand.

Are Neilson Immigration Consultants Advisors IAA licensed?
Yes, Paola Neilson has a full license with the IAA. Her license number is 200900809. You can check her credentials by visiting the IAA site at . Brent Neilson also has a full license with the IAA. His license number is 201100645. You can also check anybody else who says they are licenced with the IAA.

Why immigrate to New Zealand?
New Zealand is a modern safe country that boasts an excellent standard of living, health and education system. Being an isolated island, New Zealand is a long way from the worlds trouble spots so with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the OECD, beautiful scenery and great weather, New Zealand is the perfect place to raise a family and settle down.

How long can I stay in New Zealand?
It depends on what type of Visa you have. Work Visas are usually issued for 1-2 years and Permanent Residents are allowed to stay in New Zealand indefinately. If you want to visit New Zealand and are from a Visa free country, you can stay up to 3 months but can not work. If you are from the U.K you can visit for up to 6 months. Residents and citizens of Australia do not need a Visa to visit New Zealand. Citizens from all other countries will need a Visa before departing to New Zealand.

Can my family migrate with me?
In most instances your immediate family can immigrate with you to New Zealand under the one application. For other family members, another application would be necessary.

How much money do I need to migrate?
You need money for Visas, health and Police checks, IELTS if needed and qualification assessment if needed. Then you would need airfares and be able to support you and your family as you could not claim any Government assistance for 2 years. Without sufficient funds, immigration is not possible.

What is a telephonic consultation?
A Telephonic Consultation is where we talk to you via Telephone about your options of migrating to New Zealand. The Telephonic Consultation is a one-off which means after the Telephonic Consultation has taken place, if you have more questions or need assistance, you must take another service that we offer. The one-off Telephonic Consultation must be paid and booked before the call. The cost is NZD$ 250 for up to 40 minutes. We will send you out a form after we have received confirmation of payment so we can better understand your bio-data and have an idea about your chances. The one-off Telephonic Consultations are designed to assess your eligibility to migrate or explore other options and are not for assisting in filing an application or filling out an EOI or to answer ongoing questions about immigration matters. For these you will need to discuss this with a Neilson Immigration adviser to explore what other services we offer. We can call some countries via Landline or else the client must call us.

What is a face to face consultation?
A Face to Face Consultation is where we talk to you in person about your options of migrating to New Zealand. The Face to Face Consultations take place in our offices in Palmerston North, New Zealand and cost NZD$ 200 for up to 40 minutes. The Face to Face Consultations are designed as a one-off and to assess your eligibility to migrate or explore other options and are not for assisting in filing an application or filling out an EOI or answering ongoing questions about immigration matters. For these you will need to discuss this with a Neilson Immigration adviser.

What is a Telephonic Interview preparation?
The Telephonic Interview Preparation is critical for an application to be successful. In most cases Immigration New Zealand will conduct a Telephonic interview with an applicant to determine if they are suitable for New Zealand Migration. A poor Telephonic interview can be fatal to an application and so many cases can be decided this way. Neilson Business and Immigration Consultants will first have a dummy Telephonic Interview with the applicant, with the same way and questions that Immigration New Zealand will most likely ask and in the same way. After the NIC Telephonic Interview, we will send you feedback on what were good answers, what should have been said and most importantly, what were the bas answers and things to avoid. Telephonic Interview Preparations are good for people who are waiting for INZ for the interview or people who are about to apply. The cost is NZD$ 700 and is payable online via credit card, by bank deposit or Western Union. The Telephonic Interview Preparation is Free to all clients of Neilson Business and Immigration Consultants and is part of our services that we provide.

Is a Telephonic Interview Preparation free for your clients?
The Telephonic Interview Preparation is Free for clients of Neilson Business and Immigration Clients and is part of the service that we provide.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept online payments by Credit Cards via our secure online payment page. We also accept direct bank transfer into our New Zealand bank account and Western Union payments. For Bank transfers and Western Union payments please contact us first for details.

Can I study in New Zealand?
Yes you can study in New Zealand if you meet New Zealand entry requirements. To study in New Zealand you must show and meet financial requirements and in most cases, pre-pay your first years course before any Visa is granted. Scholarships are generally not available. We can assist in placing students in most institutions in New Zealand.

Can you place me in a New Zealand institution?
Yes, we have agreements with a number of institutions though out New Zealand from English Language Schools to Polytechnics and Universities. You can contact us here or visit our Education site at

Why study in New Zealand?
For many people, study is the only option to gain Residency in New Zealand as they do not meet any of the other criteria for other Visa categories. With studying in New Zealand, our consultants are trained and have extensive knowledge of the New Zealand education system and how different courses could assist an applicant in the long term to gain Residency in New Zealand. The applicant would have to pay full fees to study in New Zealand and show proof that they can support themselves. In many cases the applicants Partner and children can come as well with the Partner being granted a Work Visa and the children able to be schooled in New Zealand. It is also a great opportunity for the person undertaking the study to be able to start a new career after they have finished the study. We also can place people in institutions in Australia.

Can you find me a job in New Zealand?
No we do not find jobs for people. It is illegal in New Zealand to offer a job to anyone unless it is an Employer offering a position to a prospective employee and an Employment Contract is always between an Employer and an Employee, no one else. Beware of anyone, especially immigration advisers and Recruitment Companies promising jobs as this simply is not true. If you are looking for employment then please visit New Zealand employment sites. It is free to find and apply for jobs and you should never pay a fee.

Do you do appeals?
Yes, we specialise in PPI letters and Appeals and restoring immigration status for clients with Immigration New Zealand.

Where are you based?
We are based in Palmerston North, New Zealand.

Do you have branches or Agents offshore?
No, we currently do not have Agents in different countries who represent us in their territory. If we had any agents, their contact details and territories are represented on the Overseas Agents page.

What languages do you support?
At Neilson Business and Immigration Consultants, we have staff who are fluent in English and Spanish.