Client Testimonials

The following are some comments from our clients.


I always wanted to live in New Zealand as it always seemed so green and beautiful and very different from India. I thought the immigration process would be very hard but after contacting Neilson Immigration they Assessed me and said I would qualify for immigration. We decided to use Neilson Immigration as we wanted everything to go correctly and promptly which it did. Now my wife and 2 children are very happy living in Wellington and happy to call ourselves Kiwis.

Client Name - Naresh Kumar, Wellington


After living in Leeds for most of our lives my wife and I decided to immigrate to a warmer climate. New Zealand and Australia were at the top of the tree of places to live. I wasn't sure about the way to go about immigrating and with a family it is a huge move, probably one of the biggest you will ever do. One night after trawling through the net, we found Neilson Immigration Consultants and sent an email. Within a day Paola had written back and it all started from there. We decided to migrate to New Zealand. Now I am working for Telecom here in Auckland and my wife is working part time and our kids who are 9 and 7 are loving school here.

Client Name - John Wilson, Auckland


After travelling to many countries in my younger days, NZ was always one of my favourite places I had been to. Being Americans, my wife and I decided that we wanted a safer and less crowded place to raise our kids and with good health and education facilities. We were very happy to have found Neilson Immigration on the internet doing a google search and they made our process run very quick without any problems. We would be happy to endorse Neilson Immigration to anyone who needs good honest representation.

Client Name - Michael and Mary-Ann Smith, Napier


I contacted Neilson Immigration through the internet when I was looking for a change of lifestyle. I had been living in the Dubai for a number of years and when it was time for a change, I didnt want to go back to the U.K but somewhere warm and friendly. Neilson Immigration first assessed me, said I would qualify and offered to represent me. They made it so straight forward and easy I have no qualms about recommending them.

Client Name - Colin, Nelson